Potluck Fishing San Francisco Bay

Debra and I spent the weekend on board catching up on deferred maintenance.

View from the stern:

FullSizeRender(1)View from the bow of Giants yard. Nice to park right below the glove on game day.

FullSizeRenderDamn cold this weekend kinda like mid-July. We hit the Public House right on Willie Mays Plaza Friday night for the  Warrior Game. Rowdy crowd and decent nachos from Mijita coupled with a few rounds  made for a fun time, Dubs win was the capper.

Saturday was boat fixing day. We made a well timed trip to West Marine for the 20% off spring sale. Fenders, docklines and snubbers: check. Autoinflate Mustang lifejackets X2: Check.  Mildew remover X2: Check. Lunch at Perrys  and then back to work. Saturday night we went to see Mad Max in 3D at Westfield Center. I liked it, Debra was not entirely impressed.

Sunday we were boarded by Mike and his Pops Larry. I was really focused on getting Larry into some fish. We got a great half scoop of anchovies but intel was not that great from the baitman. Mumbled something about Treasure Island and wind. We started there for an hour plus with a crowd but few nets. As the incoming picked up we joined the fleet on the various rockpiles. We fished them all several times. The tight drift in front of Alcatraz was fun for the captain. If you have never done this drift click on the next 2 pics. I stayed on the bridge for this part LOL.

IMG_1354 IMG_1349

Picked up a couple of diaper stripers

IMG_1352Spent a lot of time on both ends of Angel, Racoon straits and Paradise. Windy and cold all day.  Saw one hali netted and a few bass.

I am hoping to have Larry back aboard and put him on a better bite. Life is good.

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