Dux Deluxe

Short story, 1 salmon for 5 fishers

Longer story: Baja Bev, Mike and his Pop Larry met us at Pier 40 7:30 and we shoved off. Debra stayed in the main cabin recuperating from San Francisco Saturday night. We did not see her until close to 11 LOL.

I really wanted to get Larry on a salmon as hit batting record on the Peridot is ZIP.  Not due to not trying though. We motored out the gate and up the line to find the fleet stretched from inside at Stinson to the green can. Mike rehabbed my Stellmanized downrigger enroute and I had  bought 2 15 lb weights so we were good to go. We had 3-5 rods out all freeking day some on cannonballs, some on pink ladys and some on the wire.. The crew ran the gear frequently with all manner of enticements. Bait was EVERYWHERE top to bottom with frequent breezing. Bev rigged a spoon up on the bow rod holder just case the blacks started busting. We had a few drivebys with one keeper to show for our trouble.  Threw a ling, blue and trout back along with a trash bag. Shirtsleeve weather all day.




I had to refuse all offers of monetary contribution as atonement.

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