Tahoe getaway

Debra and I met Ann, Coral, Dalton and Kai at South Lake Tahoe for a few days of r&r. We survived an awesome Kyburz hailstorm and the dreaded quagga inspection on the way up, to check in at a very comfy Keys VRBO with it’s own dock.

IMG_1647 IMG_1648 IMG_1650First time for me boating on Tahoe. I had lots of help driving the boat.


kai mtnkids slot smilesWe spent a fun but relaxing several days boppin around the lake.

antsonalog beachinint blueboat brucelee cameras d money duo emer emerald fish fishes hart heyladies lupine marsh photog picnic tea spot trail trio yaxmanHighlights:


Emerald bay by boat

Debra’s dinners and Anns breakfasts


Being Uncle Pat


I could not  get the kids on fish, thank goodness they have Uncle Henry to cover that.



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