Weekend in San Francisco with Thresher shark driveby

Debra and I loaded the bikes and downriggers and headed over the Bay Bridge Friday after work. We were grateful for the fog, cold and wind as we stocked up the boat with movies and adult beverages for the weekend. We ate at Commonwealth in the Mission that night. A Trendy Beeyotch restaurant full of pretentious people and preposterous food in the small plates vein. Typical dish description:

king trumpets, slow cooked egg, pickled redwood shoots, buckwheat crumble, brown butter froth

We sat at the counter and it was fun watching the kitchen ballet up close. We splurged on a Mourvedre Granache blend and finished up with a glass of port. We had a great time.

Saturday we rode south from South Beach on bikes and rapidly succumbed to thirst about the time we got to Mission Rock so we pulled into the Ramp for brunch. Bloody Marys and breakfast by the bay amongst rotting piers and busy shipyards just like I remember the waterfront. The Ramp is a curious place by the SF Boatworks yard with a lot of non-tourist locals mixed with the twitterati types who can’t be bothered to look away from their cellphone umbilicals. Decent omelettes, burgers etc.


Thus sated we continued our bike ride south towards Candlestick along the decrepit waterfront through ever more dubious neighborhoods. I was on a mission to photograph whatever was left of Candlestick. There are some fascinating waterfront parks between Mission Rock and the Stick. Herons head, Warmwater and a couple of others. Unfortunately they are usually trashed and you damn sure would not park a car there.

As we got closer to Candlestick we ended up in the projects and decided that discretion being the better part of valor we would veer west. Up Ceasar Chavez blvd to Valencia  we rode into the heart of hipster central. I love Valencia street now. It was a shithole when I lived in SF. We continued down Valencia to all the way to Market. Market street is always a stimulating ride dodging clueless hipsters eyes down on thier phones, tourists, taxis, buses, streetcars, demetented homeless etc.  But we knew that at the foot of Market lies the Ferry Terminal and libations. Mojitos on the patio at Market bar was a great finish to another epic bike ride in SF.

Saturday night we went into North Beach and picked up a Gyros platter for 4 at Estia for hot lunch on the boat Sunday. We hit Tommys Joynt and were back on board for the night.

Sunday our son Pat and his bud Mike met us and we pushed of at 8:00 AM. After a stop at the bait man we sailed out the gate. We met Captain Jack and 150 of our closest friends between 4 fathom bank and the North Bar. I got some nice shots of SJ’s sweet Shamrock.

cj2 cj4We put 2 lines in on the wire and quickly got a smashing hit on both port and starboard rods. In a split second a very pissed off Thresher jumps 10 feet off the stern and was gone. The next few hours alternated between boredom and stupor as we bounced between the bar, Rocky Pt and Duxbury Buoy. Saw a huge Mola Mola and lots of dolphins, no whales.  AT 1 we ran into Bonita Cove so Debra could cook and we drifted for rockies while gobbling down hot Gyros. Nothing there of any size on the cove so we headed into the south tower for more small rockfish.

gg1 More unproductive Crissy fields drifts were enlivened with a kite surfer race.

gg2Fun day on the water despite the complete lack of pink meat prizes.




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