Dew on the windshield

Labor Day often coincides with the first incidence of dew on my windshield for the season. It also signals the return to the storage lots for the winter all manner of  rat bastard jetskis and boombox boats which leaves the water for me.

The water is starting to cool off in the delta and looks like some fish are filtering in from the beaches and bay. After the  party boat slaughter this summer on the reefs in the bay and the surprise return to beach caster scores of yore, I have some good mojo about this fall. Striped bass are opportunistic killers and this summer the killing was good with the abundant fin bait in the system.

My brother and I launched at 6:15 from Lauritzens wary of the omnipresent vapor trails.

P1090452 P1090454

We ran for the lake and found bait being chased most everywhere we looked for the first hour.

This spot was good


Shakers were easy and hitting  white swimbaits hard. Weedless jigheads are money. We had numerous doubles pitching into the weed lanes.

P1090458 P1090459 P1090460

We worked the Steel, Broad, Sherman and Big Break but Sherman was the hotspot. NO fish over 5 lbs today. Off the water at 2. Research will continue.

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