Golden Gate Trollathon

Debra and I had a Friday night Giants game so we just stayed aboard all weekend. Keegan and Mike rolled into the Java Hut at 8 AM and we were off to City Yacht for fuel. Nice lady relieved me of some $600. Tanks both now a little over half full. Last $600 I put in in April lasted 6 trips. It has been a fun summer on the ocean.

Had some fog on the deck on the way out so I was grateful for radar.

IMG_2299We rounded Bonita and went up the line. Started seeing signs 2 miles off of Rocky Pt. in 65 feet of water.

IMG_2300 IMG_2302Mike has the deck well covered with 2 lines on the riggers, one diver and a 2# ball on a dog whistle on the 4th rod.  All manner of tray bait, WM Apex, etc. We picked up a trout early that was quickly bled and boxed.


There was an over abundance of life. Whales, birds, dolphins, seadogs and bait for miles. Full haystacks blanking out the meter and beautiful scattered balls. They were brailling the surface everywhere we went. We worked from Dux to Muir, inside to outside for one fish.

On the water Gyros platters for four from Estia in North Beach did not hurt matters, thank you Deb!

Fog came in hard in the afternoon but the swell was down all day.  Good times.


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