Delta Cloud Wars

Mike and Randy joined me for a o-dark thirty Sugar Barge Launch. We proceeded cautiously in the dark to spots in North Franks False River for topwater but nothing doing.


We continued out to the San Joaquin. We found birds working  in multiple spots and spent a few hours wading through dozens of schoolie size stripers. 2 oz white spoons anywhere from 20-30 feet beneath the birds were wfo. Other spoon colors not so much. We had MANY doubles and triples on jr size fish but could not entice the larger specimens.

P1090470 P1090468 P1090466We had steady action on swimbaits but Stickbaits and rattletraps were routinely ignored. JIgging deep with spoons does not have the narcotic effect of a topwater grab but I am warming up to the technique.  Overcast when striper fishing=MONEY.We buzzed around for MILES stopping on birds which never failed us. Bait was thick everywhere. Conservative guess would be 70 fish for the 3 of us between 6 AM and 5 PM. Long day for an old guy. Cloud show  on the water was first class.

IMG_2516 IMG_2518On the drive home the cloudshow continued. Is it a crime to shoot a full size camera with telephoto lens while driving and towing a boat?

IMG_2525 IMG_2530

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