Western Recon yields interesting results

Randy and I launched from Lauritzens a bit before dawn. Sliver moon, no wind, building clouds to the south. We messed around at the bridge for a couple of passes with Duh spooons.

P1090480 P1090481 P1090484We continued to Sherman working the weedlines for some diapers.

P1090485 P1090486 P1090489 P1090491We had plenty of action but not much size. hardware consisted of spooks,  spoons, Lucky Craft Pointers, swimbaits, rattle traps, and  DWB big wood. We ran the maze and turned north following the bank in Broad Slough.  I hit a for sure DD fish that ran directly to the boat then took off in the opposite direction. He ripped off 25 yards of line and popped me off in the weeds.  Randy got swirled on by a PIG 10 feet from the boat but she would not commit. Looked like a porpoise. There were beasts there in 6 feet of water willing to go on top.

P1090493 15 lb beauty on the DWB Bone 6″P1090496 Plenty of takers in the 3-5 lb category.P1090497Back inside of Sherman.

P1090492There was a ton of terns wheeling and diving in Big Break late afternoon and we put another 10 to hand but all small.

Fun day with my Bro.

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