Schlongfest 2015

Jerry and I launched from Lautizens at 6:00 AM just in front of Long. Fog on the deck made for an interesting drive by wire into Sherman.

P1090499Jerry stuck a 27 inch 8 lb fish at first light in south central sherman.

P1090502 P1090503 P1090504He pulled this fish out of the tules in 4 feet of water on a blue/chrome rattle trap after a great fight. Jerry broke his brand new rod reel combo in properly. We worked numerous spots in Sherman and then moved through the maze into Broad slough. Conditions were perfect with a dropping tide and fog on the deck.

IMG_2720 IMG_2721 IMG_2722 IMG_2723

In deference to the other participants in the derby I was fishing without hooks. I was sure my partner was going to pick up a second fish to put us in the running. Texts were coming in from the other boats every couple minutes but I did not want to look.

We tried the San Joaquin down to Eddos and all over inside Big Break. Very slow day considering the conditions. We finished the day trolling back to the ramp and were on the trailer at 1:30.


We found our campsite at Sugar Barge which was setup perfect for the after party.

Bernard and Greg brought their fish to the party.

P1090509 It was great to meet many new friends. P1090511Rare Pile sighting on the water
P1090514Behind door #1
P1090522 Door #2P1090523 P1090525 Yes it was a motley crueP1090528 So goodP1090530 Party on the leveeP1090531Thanks to Long for setting this up. You guys are lucky I left my mojo at home.

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