Delta 02-FEB-2016-Global Warming has it’s advantage

I fished south and east Feb 7 for a big fat zilch. Bass guys were doing ok.  No pics, runs hits or errors.

I was able to squeeze in much needed water time on the Delta on Feb 15 after a week working a trade show in Anaheim.

Dangerous Dirigibles and I rolled over the Bethel Island bridge at sunrise.IMG_3382

Sugar Barge launch to clear skies and 60 degrees.


We headed northeast working likely spots on the San Joaquin. Incoming tide.  All quiet in the usual spots. Further east we found birds, bait and a few lunging stripers working east of the Hwy 12 bridge. We commenced to pull on a few  schoolies  on swimbaits dragged right on the bottom. Spoon worked as well.


We did a lot of scouting down as far as Mildreds. Tons of bass boats up tight to the tulies but we wanted stripers.

I stopped on some of the holes draining out of Mandeville and worked a largemouth bite

IMG_3387 IMG_3388

Water temps ranged from 54-58 and clarity was still poor in most places. I will let the full moon pass before checking the delta again.

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