Delta Deluge

Had my brother in law Ric out from Chicago and wanted to put him on the spring striper bite. We launched from Sugar barge at 7:30 to slightly jackass conditions, excellent cloud show and no rain. I figured and had friends confirm prior that finding clean water north, west or east  would be tough so we started in North Franks. A very angry largemouth in 3 feet of water  went for a early DWB in Bone.


Had some swirls on top but I decided to roll the dice and motor up the South Mokulmne. Chocolate city and hour wasted. Off to Mildreds. We started getting some action in the stumps. I got treed by a 20 lb class fish who swam off with my aforementioned plug. Enormous tail on that fish. It was wrapped 5 feet away from the boat in plain sight. I thought about letting it swim out of the tree but horsed it instead. We fished all  over Mildreds and Mandeville. It was a 4 bridge day. We finished up in Franks in the rain. Quiet on top so we busted out bass gear and caught a few in the tulies.

Great day on the water.


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