Crabbing out the Gate

Mike and Keegan met my son and I at Pier 40 Saturday at  the gentlemans hour of 8. Overcast with little wind made the ride out the gate  easy. We dropped 2 pots in 60 feet off of Baker Beach and turned the corner at Bonita. We offloaded the other 3 pots NW of Muir and set up for Salmon.



3 rods on the rigger and 1 on a diver. Very little life on the meter, few birds no whales and no nets flying. Some brown water and skiffs by Duxbury. The wind was cooperating and swell was nicely spaced. It was a minefield of crab pot bouys out there but we kept it clean. 3 hrs later we gave up without a scratch and pulled the 3 outside pots for a handful of keeper Dungies.


The pots at Baker beach were a little better and we had 13 crab to work with. We dropped 2 pots back  in at Baker and drifted for halibut  for an hour outside. One last pull for zip. Back under the gate



We finished up at the Rockwall for several drifts but it was not to be on the finfish side.

cbs crabbbity

Debra made garlic butter wine shallots roasted crab to rave reviews. Thanks to Mike for running a crab deck, salmon deck and halibut deck.


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