Happy Pride!

Debra and I escaped the heat this weekend and spent it aboard the Mighty Peridot. The City was awash in color.

IMG_3839 IMG_3840

We ate Friday night at Marlowes at 4th and Brannan. This was the block we first met at in 1982. Used to be Rubys.  God we are old.

We walked the city Saturday and put on some miles.After a killer lunch at Amber India  Dosas! we ran by the new SOMA but we will let some of the hubbub die down before going. We whiled away the afternoon at Yerba Buena Plaza watching a kid’s circus.

IMG_3841 IMG_3843 IMG_3848 IMG_3849 IMG_3851 IMG_3852 IMG_3853 IMG_3854 IMG_3855 IMG_3856 IMG_3857 IMG_3858 IMG_3859 IMG_3860 IMG_3861 IMG_3862 IMG_3863 IMG_3864 IMG_3865 IMG_3866 IMG_3869 IMG_3871 IMG_3873 IMG_3874 IMG_3878 IMG_3881 IMG_3882 IMG_3883 IMG_3884 IMG_3886 IMG_3887 IMG_3892 IMG_3894 IMG_3898The circus before the circus.

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