Desert Loop

Debra and I steered the great White Whale east for a most epic road trip. Hwy 108 was the chosen pass this trip. We stopped at the Donnells Overlook.IMG_4126 IMG_4131 IMG_4135 Up and OverIMG_4136 IMG_4137 IMG_4140

Doody Calls


Leavitt Falls Overlook


IMG_4145 IMG_4147 IMG_4151 IMG_4152



We rolled out to Bodie but turned just shy and explored Cottonwood Canyon. THat detour dumped us out North of Mono. We spent the night in the high desert boondocking.

IMG_4161 Next day found us travelling the backroads around Mono Lake.IMG_4169 IMG_4170The whale is proving to be capable on the desert dirt.
IMG_4174 At the Hot Springs off of Cemetery RoadIMG_4175 IMG_4177 IMG_4179 IMG_4182 IMG_4186 IMG_4187 IMG_4188 IMG_4190 IMG_4191 IMG_4193 IMG_4194 IMG_4200 IMG_4203 IMG_4205 IMG_4206 IMG_4207

June Lake loop was the overnight localeIMG_4213 IMG_4214 IMG_4216 IMG_4219 IMG_4221 IMG_4226 IMG_4228 IMG_4229 IMG_4234

Sunday was Yosemite dayIMG_4235 IMG_4237 IMG_4238 IMG_4240 IMG_4241 IMG_4243 IMG_4245 IMG_4246 IMG_4248 IMG_4251 IMG_4253 IMG_4254 IMG_4257 IMG_4259 IMG_4265 IMG_4266 IMG_4268 IMG_4272 IMG_4273 IMG_4274 IMG_4275 IMG_4276 IMG_4277 IMG_4278 IMG_4279 IMG_4280 IMG_4281 The damage from the Rim fire was overwhelming. I was glad to emerge from the devastation. Bark Beetle infestations have really taken a toll.IMG_4282 IMG_4284 IMG_4285 IMG_4286

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