Journey to Portlandia

North we went aimed directly for Paradise. img_4559

Spent a day and a half with our little girl and her mountain family.


Got the grand tour of Aubrey’s new place of employ in Chico, The Plant Barn


Aubrey’s workstation


Chevy Planter

img_4568 img_4570 img_4571 img_4574 img_4581 img_4585 img_4586

We then motored out to the Norcal Coast headed towards Oregon with many stops along the way for exploring. The stretch of coast from Eureka north is incredible. Parks, beaches and rivers seemingly every mile.



Klamath at hwy 101

img_4590 img_4592



We spent a night in Gold Beach Oregon


Rock star





Shaggin Waggin

Behold the beach dragon
img_4614 img_4615 img_4620 img_4622 img_4624

The place was filthy with barnacle heads
img_4629 img_4630 img_4632 img_4633 img_4635 img_4638 img_4640 img_4641 img_4652


img_4654 img_4659 img_4660 img_4661 img_4665 img_4667 img_4669 img_4670 img_4671 img_4672 img_4673 img_4674 img_4678 img_4679 img_4681 img_4682 img_4685 img_4686 img_4687 img_4689 img_4691 img_4693 img_4694 img_4696 img_4697 img_4698 img_4699 img_4700 img_4701 img_4702 img_4703 img_4704 img_4707 img_4708 img_4711 img_4712 img_4718 img_4720 img_4722 img_4724 img_4727 img_4729 img_4731 img_4732 img_4734 img_4735 img_4736 img_4737 img_4739 img_4740 img_4742 img_4743 img_4745 img_4747 img_4749 img_4750 img_4752 img_4753 img_4754 img_4755 img_4756 img_4757 img_4758 img_4759 img_4760 img_4762 img_4763 img_4765

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