Desert fishing at the P

Debra and I rolled over Donner Pass Friday afternoon and checked into a comped room at Grand Sierra (thanks Mike and Henny). We met the Schaefers for a pitcher of Margies and dinner (Bertha Mirandas)and some gamboling downtown.

Mike and I hit the road Saturday morning early for Pyramid. Rain had started to green things up a bit and we had cloudshow high and low

img_5725 img_5728


We turned south for Blockhouse to find an early crowd

img_5747 img_5748 img_5749 img_5750 trips

We commenced to pitchin and found some success on beetles

p1090807 p1090809 p1090810 p1090813 p1090815 p1090819

Weather and scenery top notch

img_5751 img_5753

Some lucky guy landed an 18 lb Pilot Peak beauty

p1090824 super

We worked our way north for lunch

img_5763 img_5766

We had an issue with a tufa boulder

p1090828 p1090830

Wind forced us back south and east to Dago Bay.

img_5770 img_5773 img_5774 img_5776 img_5777 img_5779 img_5780 img_5781

We spent a relaxing evening on the ladders. I hooked and lost a big fish on the fly. Sky was brilliant.

stubs sunspots p1090833

Woke up this morning to a rainbow over Reno.


It rained HARD from Truckee all the way back to Pleasanton.

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