Air Peridot

Loaded for crabbin


We pushed off from South Beach on our 2016 crab season debut to very nice conditions inside.


Pt Bonita was poppin fresh so we stayed in the lane


Some gnarly stuff on the bar between us and crab heaven

img_5828 img_5829 img_5833

It’s ok when you can see them but about 2 miles out we hit fog and the walls started climbing.


Eyes glued to the chart/radar  we turned uphill about 3 miles out. Too soon. We got air on a huge sneaker. Mike and I went weightless and then ragdoll on the bridge and Randy caught air on the stern. I won’t soon forget the sound of a 36 ft sportfisher loaded with gear slamming into the trough.

After that crabbing at Baker Beach sounded like a fine idea so we turned tail.


We dropped 4 pots in 120 feet and headed back to Bonita Cove for rockfish.

img_5868 img_5870

Swells had everything locked down but the scenery was spot on.

img_5873 img_5874 img_5875

We pulled the string for a handful of crab and headed for home.

img_5876 img_5879

Fresh crab for dinner made for an end to a mighty fine day.

crab crabs


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