Turkey Day with the Clan

Food was off the hook! Smaller crowd this year. Flowers were stunning. No politics no arguing. Many wine bottle (red, white, sparkling, rose we do not discriminate) casualties.

img_5938 img_5949 img_5951 img_5963 img_5965 img_5967 img_5973 img_5974 img_5977 img_5982 img_5988 img_5991 img_5992 img_5994 img_5996 img_5997 img_5999 img_6000 img_6001 img_6002 img_6003 img_6006 img_6007 img_6009 img_6013 img_6014 img_6018 img_6020 img_6023

2 thoughts on “Turkey Day with the Clan

  1. Hi, Deborah. I just realized what this posting was. Is that beautiful girl with long hair Aubrey? Which young man is Patrick? Is that Carol with the short white hair? I would recognize you anywhere!

    • Janice,
      This is Patrick Sr. Yes Aub is the long haired young lady with the bottle of Pliny the Elder. Our son is the long haired boy/man in the green shirt. He hates getting his pic taken LOL. Ever get out to California? We would love to host a visit?

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