New Melons Season Ender

Last trip out on my 2016 fishing license was a resounding success. Back to my home lake solo. It was a cool start to the morning just above freezing.


I took my typical shot of Carson Creek on my way in


The view of the long road down to Glory Hole point


I worked my way east of the 49er bridge and put two rods in one corner toplining with Thomas Bouyants.


It was on like monkey dongs

img_6185 img_6186

Mostly small fish in Coyote. I headed further upriver to just shy  of Parrots Ferry. Fish were   biting non-stop. I put the boat in neutral when one rod got hit and noticed I was picking up a second fish as the other line fluttered down. Solo doubles are fun. Water was 56 degrees

img_6190 img_6191 img_6196

I ran all the way up to the South fork chasing rumors of big fish in the rapids but the 43 degree water up there seemed to be keeping the fish further west. Scenery up there is amazing.


No pics but I saw a small duck get plucked mid-air by a falcon but the falcon pulled a Kapernick and fumbled it letting the duck get away.

Back to Parrots Ferry

img_6198 img_6199

NO shit 30 plus fish to the boat with many lost. Fished till sundown.



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