Mohave Mojo



The southwestern desert is a vast scarred landscape I  love to explore. Debra tolerates it but  is not keen on broken glass, rattlesnakes and abandoned mineshafts. We spent a couple of days at an RV park in Vegas and got that out of our system.  A day trip to Hoover Dam was crossed off the list.

img_6213 img_6215 img_6221 img_6229 img_6232 img_6236 img_6237 img_6239 img_6244 img_6254 img_6255 img_6259 img_6260 img_6262 img_6263 img_6264 img_6265 img_6269 img_6271 img_6273 img_6274 img_6277 img_6279 img_6280 img_6281 img_6282 img_6284 img_6285 img_6286 img_6289

The agenda then turned to Ghost Towns so  we headed Hwy 95 north


img_6294 img_6295

First stop Carrara NV. Historical link here:


We were limited mobility wise to roads the White Whale can handle. I will go  back  soon with a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

img_6302 img_6303

Curious buildings  here with graffiti embellishments.

img_6305 img_6306 img_6309 img_6311 img_6312 img_6313 img_6314 img_6318 img_6323 img_6324 img_6328 img_6332 img_6333 img_6334 img_6339 img_6343 img_6347 img_6349 img_6350 img_6352 img_6353 img_6355 img_6356

Next stop Rhyolite  NV. Lots to see here. Ruins from the early 1800’s, countless abandoned mines and piles of tailings. Open-air Hippie Art. Bottle House. Highly recommended.

img_6359 img_6362 img_6364 img_6366 img_6367 img_6368 img_6370 img_6371 img_6377 img_6379 img_6383 img_6384 img_6385 img_6387 img_6388 img_6392 img_6394 img_6395 img_6396 img_6397 img_6400 img_6402 img_6405 img_6406 img_6408 img_6410 img_6413 img_6416 img_6418 img_6420 img_6424 img_6425 img_6426 img_6427 img_6429 img_6431 img_6432 img_6437 img_6438 img_6439 img_6441 img_6443 img_6444 img_6445 img_6446 img_6449 img_6451 img_6454

This was my first time entering Death Valley from the Nevada side. Geologically orgasmic.

img_6455 img_6457 img_6460 img_6462 img_6465 img_6467 img_6471

I will be back  soon with a pick, shovel, chisels sledgehammer and a 4-wheel drive.


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