Rainy Day Laser Lobster

I have no  clue what to  do  with myself being home on a weekend. Time to make. I Googled up a pic of a spiny lobster.



Once imported into Corel Draw I spent 2 hours tracing the pic with vector lines while watching the Raiders go down in flames.


I enjoy the graphics portion of a project like this. Very meditative.


I did  not sleep well Saturday night, laying in bed planning how to layout this piece. So Sunday I was up and off to work early to fire up  the laser cutter. I started with the top piece in 3 MM blonde Bamboo Ply.firstcut




Frame is ready!


I then cut the inlays  and backing plate from Carmelized Bamboo in 3 MM. Time for fitup.


Wood glue applied.


A few hours later the glue was dry. I used two grits of sandpaper to level everything out and remove the glue residue. Time for Varathane!


When it is dry it will be mounted between the medicine cabinets.


I am very pleased with the finished product.Fun way to spend the day.

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