Pyramid Water Babies

My navigator and I rolled over Donner Pass Friday afternoon to clear conditions. Reno bound. It was awesome to see 10 ft snowdrifts. We messed around a bit in the casinos Friday night to no avail. Saturday morning we drove the 45 minutes to Pyramid.

I hoped I might fish but wind was fresh and fierce.

We continued north but the road was closed at Warrior Pt.

The Water Babies were howling and trying to  escape their watery confines.

Warrior is where the winds from the south 15 mile fetch meets the north 15 mile fetch  and all hell breaks loose. I sat there for an hour watching the  currents and clouds collide.

Debra had never seen the east side so we rounded down to Nixon NV. The Truckee river dumps in there and it is the gateway to Gerlach.

Faster Farms time machine

We drove another 10 miles north towards Black Rock.








On the way back we took the SE route to Fernley to scope the river. I am  so used to the Truckee near Tahoe all pine trees and green.  The desert course is very stark.

Sunday morning we sat in Verdi Nv waiting for Donner Pass to open.

We sat there for 3 hrs and decided to check back into a hotel. We watched the Warrior game in the casino and enjoyed the pained look on Spikes face as the Knicks went down. Back in the room around 3:30 PM and I check and see if the pass is still closed. OPEN! I kissed off the hotel room and we beat it over the mountain in whiteout conditions. Only took 7 hrs to get home.

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