New Melones continued

Grant and I launched at Glory Hole 8 AM. A bit windy and definitely got worse as the day went on. I have been working an area for 2 weeks now  that is holding bait and multiple large fish actively feeding at the surface but I have not found out what they want. I even brought fly gear out but neglected to try it. Anyways, caught a couple quality fish “upriver” on small spoons.

Lemons meets Leno

I saw Speedycop get shot by Leno’s posse this weekend.

I enjoyed it. He tried to shoot Leno in retaliation  but was only able to give Jay the finger.


How to take a normal car and ruin it for $1800

Room with a view

Sutro Tower casting an eerie shadow on the murdered jaymobile

Kudos to the location manager for nailing the backdrop

The Accident Scene

“I came around the curve and the sun blinded me!”

Weekend roundup

Fished New Melones Saturday solo.

Let’s just say the size of the Rainbows there is up quite a bit. There was an area about 100 yards long FULL of fish like this feeding on the surface.

Took a very nice drive to Healdsburg Sunday for lunch.

BTW, don”t call the above fellow Daniel Boone, he is the other one.