Melones Century Mark

Turhan and I hit up Melones again. We flat out  killed. First cast in Carson creek was a double. 3 inch white Zoom flukes were money.  I was running 4 lb test on an ultralight rig and alternating with a bobber and jig.  Easy 100 fish to the boat. Spots, largemouth, crappie, bluegill, sunfish. We were hoping for trout to round it out so we ran all the way upriver to the logjam. But best fishing was near Parrots Ferry bridge. Found active baitballs at dusk so was a 12 hr day. Fish Fry for the Warriors game tomorrow night!

Oroville Annual Checkup

3 guys , 3 days, 2 boats and hundreds of spotted bass. 167 miles of shoreline to explore. We fished all 3 forks of the lake but North was best if you could hack working windy walls. My first time all the way up the North Fork. Spectacular, makes you wish what it was like before the Dam.

Lake is down by design due to the dam repair, but plenty o water

Lupine show

Mr. T on my spot

Tiny boat

Bro with Spotted piggie

There were hundreds of bass under this logjam in the middle fork. Skipping jigs just under the log boom was money.

North fork tunnel to nowhere

My ride

SLOB….4 lb test on a microlight rod and reel!

A confused salmon went home with Turhan

Spectacular lupine blooms

Thought I saw a cowboy hiding in the tunnel

5 knot current up at the end

San Simeon

Debra and I camped at San Simeon State Park for the weekend. Very nice park on the beach. Lots of cool day trips from there. Cambria is a nice place to hang out!

The Navigator


420 seal

Sara Huckabee

Slipknot seal

Hoot tub

Thar she blows

Berry Bidness

There are few lakes as prolific this time of year than Berryessa. Turhan and I did a half day trip and caught 30 crappie, 25 bass comprised of spots, largemouth and smallies, and a bluegill. We were blessed with a Berry Baitball at dusk where they went apeshit on poppers. Truly special day. Thanks T. Off to Oroville for 3 days next week!

Sasquatch finds a potential Suitor

Debra and I left home U-haul in tow for the Great North Woods. 5 hrs of atmospheric river downpours later we met up with the recently  Nomadic daughter. We spent some quality family time  over the weekend humping boxes and furniture from temp location A to the middle of literally nowhere. Met some of the locals who seemed to treat Aubrey as an oddity to be protected LOL. It was sweet. Hit some of the local restaurants and did some 4-wheeling up the flanks of Mt Hough. We got to drive Aub crazy with arranging her furniture but pretty sure it has all been undone. Beautiful area of Norcal.

We got to sit in the Feather River Canyon for an hour surrounded by thousands of bees. The tow truck guys would not get out of their rigs.



Berry baitballs

Randy and I got to chase a twenty foot diameter baitball for a few hrs in the back of a cove in the narrows. It was quite a sight with Largemouth, Spots and smallmouth herding these shad along a 2  yard stretch of water. Boated 20 plus fish.