Eagle vs Osprey

I went bass fishin with Mr. T to Melones yet again. Cold start it was.

Had a great time but fishing was pre-frontal, bluebird tough. Throw in a week previous of freezing weather and we really had to work for the few fish we got. Water temp 52 degrees. Not much water in the creeks. Turhan is the master at micro tackle free lining in 10-30 feet of water. I cannot for the life of me get this technique down.

I love this lake. Where do you get mile after mile of scenery like this?

We were treated to a primordial aerial battle. It makes me lust after an even larger telephoto lens.

Nice of them to fly  right by the moon for me! I will be back at it Saturday with Delerium Tremens.

Pauite Country Pilgrimage

Randy and Mike and I made the long drive to Pyramid Friday night and checked into the Nougat. Saturday we made a  pre-dawn start, minimal wind, some cloudcover  30 degrees. We started at Blockhouse

Randy wore my Dad’s doofus hat


LIghtshow as usual

We hucked spoons, beetles, flatfish etc. We saw maybe 3 fish caught for 10 guys so  we headed north after a couple of hours. I picked up some popcorn beetles at Crosbys and we continued to the mushrooms. SLOW there as well but I managed a nice Pilot Peak strain on that beetle. Helluva fight.


We stayed until the sun hit the ridge.

Mike giving the Fullspeed salute


We rejoined the ladies back at the Nugget for  drinks, dinner, a Warriors game and some adult play on the casino floor. Good times. I felt really bad that MIke and Randy were fishless after 8 hrs;……NOT!

Buck up Bitches the Beetle Master is in da house!