Coastal Crabbing out the gate

Debra and I hit the city Saturday afternoon with 6 crabpots strapped to the back of the truck. I humped them down the dock in 2 trips. Off to lunch at the ferry building (Market Bar, great burger). We the ran out to Wise and Sons Deli on 24th for sandwich  fixings for the crew. Sunday morning found us headed under the bridge in very  nice conditions. We dropped our string of 3 rounds and 3 squares running north from Muir Beach. Plenty of company but not like the minefield of buoys I saw last year. After dropping off the pots we ran up to Duxbury reef with a handful of other crabbers killing time. We fished in 24-44 feet  and picked up a couple of dozen nice  grade of rockfish including a china and cabezon. No lings. A bit of gear lost. Shrimpflys and plastics worked.

We lunched in the lee near Stinson Beach on pastrami sandwiches, pickles, potato salad and slaw.  Crew wanted to fish more but I made the call to pull the pots after a 4 hr soak. 30 crab total from 6 pots with a few shorts and females set free. Decent grade and quality.

We had an escort as we came back into the bay

Back at the dock at a ridiculous 2:30. Thanks to Mike and Randy for running the deck and cleaning the booty.